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Phins To The West Concert Series: Donny Brewer & The Dockrockers - Cover Photo

Phins To The West Concert Series: Donny Brewer & The Dockrockers

Donny Brewer is a Parrot Head, sure, Rasta fan, yeah, but the Texas born and bred multi-instrumentalist is more than that. In fact he started in his teens playing big-hair rock in bars he wasn't even old enough to be in. Later, in college, he found he could make more money playing country in Texas dance halls. Eventually he got fired from his job and gave up his art education to tour with country acts. There he was educated by a different professor — the road. He honed his skills as a guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist in front of screaming fans of...well...whoever the act he was opening for. It was a tough road but you get a lot of time off, so the Texas beaches became his second home. He spent years being content as somebody else's sideman, and only a closet songwriter - that is until he met a girl. She soon became his wife and he left the road to become a family man, running Cowpatty Studios and working with several local bands as a hired gun. Not a stable job, but having time to spend raising kids has made him a different man. Songwriting quickly became the pastime of choice. The result is years of collecting material — everything from raw country to rock and blues to islandy tunes. And what about those islandy tunes? All the other material had been shopped around with various bands with little success but not the islandy stuff. With a small nudge (otherwise known as a giant shove) from his wife (now of 21 years), he finally dusted off that notebook, wrote some newly inspired tracks, and compiled them into two albums. And in this new age, you don't need a record deal budget to share your music with the world. All you need is a computer, a couple guitars, and a good mic. Of course it helps to have 30 years' experience as a musician, songwriter, and engineer!